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News Release – Charges in the Largest Human Trafficking Case in Canada


March 28, 2012    


  Immediate  Release


  “Kingpin”  and other Individuals of Trafficking Ring Face Criminal  Charges in the Largest
Human Trafficking  Case in Canada


 In  what has been called Canada’s largest human trafficking  case to date, a man by the name of Ferenc Domotor Sr. is  accused of being the ringleader in a human trafficking  and fraud operation in the City of Hamilton, Ontario.  Domotor Sr. has pleaded guilty to charges of human  trafficking, fraud, conspiracy and organized crime  before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The human  trafficking ring comprises of immediate and extended  family members of Domotor Sr. Two fugitives, Ferenc  Domotor (the father of Domotor Sr.) and Gizella Domotor,  are still at large.

Allegedly, Domotor Sr.  financed and arranged for the victims to fly to Canada  and instructed them to claim refugee status upon  arrival. Domotor Sr, then locked them in the basements  of homes in Hamilton and Ancaster, Ontario where the  victims lived in deplorable conditions. Domotor Sr. then  allegedly confiscated their passports and forced them to  work at a construction site for seven days per week  without pay. Several victims claim that they were  threatened, ordered not to leave the houses  unaccompanied, and beaten. In one victim impact  statement provided for the sentencing of co-accused  Attila Kolompar a victim stated that “Even when we  finally got home, during the evening they wouldn’t let  me rest.” Another victim stated, “He made me work until  I passed out… I am still afraid… I can’t go through  that terror again.” Other co-accused – including Attila  Kolompar, Ferenc Karadi, Gizella Kolompar, and Lajos  Domotor – have all plead guilty to their charges and  have been sentenced.

In what assistant Crown  attorney Toni Skarica calls an “invasion of evil,” the  Domotor family recruited and trafficked victims for the  purpose of forced labour and took advantage of Canada’s  refugee and welfare systems by committing fraud. Ferenc  Domotor Sr., deemed the kingpin of this international  human trafficking ring, and his son Ferenc Domotor Jr.  will stand before Court to be sentenced on Tuesday,  April 3 at 2:00 PM at the John Sopinka Courthouse in  Hamilton, Ontario.
In 2009, convicted trafficker  Laura Emerson was sentenced to 7 years, the stiffest  trafficking sentence in Canada to date. Domotor Sr.  could potentially receive a sentence in the 6-9 year  range which would then give him the strictest human  trafficking sentence to date.

Other individuals  accused in this international human trafficking ring  will also be standing before the Court in the coming  week:

Thursday,  March 29, 9:30 AM, Gyula  Domotor
Monday, April  2, 10:00 AM, Joszef Domotor and K.  Csaszar
Tuesday, April  3, 2:00 PM, Ferenc Domotor Sr., Ferenc  Domotor Jr. and Viktoria Nemes

Wednesday,  April 4, time TBA, Andras and Andrasjne  Stojka  



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