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A “Heart” warming Soroptimist Story

Many times we say “if I had the Wisdom that time brings us” I would do this or that”. If I had it to do all over again, I would still join Soroptimist. Little did I know when I joined this organization how much Soroptimist would mean to me. I joined to make a difference in my community. I did not join because of what I thought it could do for me. All the time and energy I have spent doing Soroptimist work has come back to bless me beyond anything I could have ever dreamed.

On Halloween night 2010 my husband’s heart started fibrillating. This was not a new occurrence he has had tachycardia’s and fibrillations occasionally since he was eighteen. The difference this time is the fibrillations did not stop in a few hours, and it added fluttering to the mix. Six months of medication did not fix it and it was taking its toll on his health. He was told he needed a Heart ablation procedure. In the United States he was told it would cost $100,000.00. With no insurance there was no way we could afford that. At first he thought he would wait it out until he was sixty five in a year and a half’s time to receive Medicare. It soon became very evident his health could not hold out long enough to wait.

I asked Mike if he wanted me to make inquiries of my Soroptimist clubs friendship link in India, for referrals to heart doctors who could do this procedure. He finally said yes. I don’t think he felt it would bring a solution for his problem.

I composed an email to my Soroptimist friend Matilda Mathias in Bangalore and sent it out one evening. The next morning I received the following email c.c. to me and emailed directly to a doctor it said “Dear Dr. Thimappa, I’m forwarding you an email from a dear friend and fellow-Soroptimist from SI Gualala, Pacific Coast, California, Mrs. Linda Bradbrook, whose husband Mike’s heart has an “electrical problem” as explained by her in her message below. Could you kindly help please?

From this first connection it took three months for my husband to obtain his passport and medical visa. He then traveled to India for a very successful heart procedure.

I had to stay home and run the family Inn so my Soroptimist friend Matilda became his hospital connection; she hosted him in her home and became his tour guide around Bangalore and so much more. During his procedure/ surgery she sent us daily and sometimes hourly updates by email on his progress and the success of the procedure.
As I said earlier I joined to make a difference in my community. I did not join because of what I thought it could do for me.
I came across the following quote in Soroptimist materials a few months back and it is so true.
If you go to work – hand in hand – with sisters in another land,together you form a useful chain and you’ll never work in vain!
Linda Bradbrook
SI Mendocino-Sonoma Coast, Inc

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