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One response to “The Boy and the Starfish = Women’s Opportunity Award!”

  1. Danielle (Dana) Remedios

    Hello Soroptomists of Western Canada!

    This is Dana, I’m a past recipient of the Women’s Opportunity Award who would like to briefly update you regarding developments in my own life.

    2 Years ago I was presented with one of two W.O. awards given at the Give her Wings gala.

    I have since used the $5000 in funds to move, along with my 3 year old son, to Toronto, where we began a new life. I came to York, a huge University with over 300,000 students, to attend Canada’s only fully bilingual University campus, Glendon college, while James started to go to Preschool for the first time at an innovative Adlerian preschool.

    Over the last two years we settled into Toronto and started to meet people. I managed to remain on the Dean’s list throughout my studies, to remain in the top 10% of the University students, to gain an invitation only spot in the Golden Key Honour Society, and to volunteer and to participate in clubs, while working part time as a legal assistant and becoming healthier than I have ever been.

    Meanwhile, James turned 4, sucessfully began Junior Kindergarten and by the end of the school year had managed to read over 250 books!

    This year, James turned 5 and I turned 35. I recently reached my goal – I graduated from York University, receiving a Honours Bilingual Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, first class, and a book prize for having graduated in the top 3% of graduating York University students.

    Life in Toronto without my family’s support turned out alright! I have a best girl friend here, and I have a permanent life partner who James accepts as a Dad. Although James’ Nicaraguan father would like to have james live there with him, we have a very harmonious home life and I plan to keep working to keep us together here. I have good work, entirely scheduled during James’ school day which is very convenient, and meanwhile am hoping to find even more gainful employment that is directed more closely to my fields of study and interest in food politics and intercultural communications.

    James has just started fullday Kindergarten, and I have been told he reads, writes and does simple arithmatic at a grade 1 level. We are both healthy and happy. I have also been offered the opportunity to attend Ryerson University to work on my Master’s degree…without cost. Although it is a wonderful chance, I am going to spend some time enjoying the milestones we have already reached before looking for a new mountain to climb.

    I want to share my personal story with your group so that you know these monetary awards do change lives, and to say a sincere “thank you” to all of the women and Soroptomists who made my move to Toronto possible and helped me to reach my goal. Thank you!!

    All the best
    Dana Remedios

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